Adventure for two

Live a romantic experience surrounded by nature.


"It is a magical place where the past, present and the future combine in one place."


suite inside the forest

Exclusive rooms with a colonial style, which have the same representation as a chamber for Mayan Royalty.

They are immersed in the forest, built with materials from the region, by local artisans. They have private bathrooms, hot water, their own mezzanine and access paths.

The lighting is done through chandeliers or oil lamps.

Kacike Maya Rates

Accommodation Rates
Simple accommodation Q 480 /$60.00
Double Accommodation Q 760 /$95.00
Triple Accommodation Q 1,100 /$138.00

Includes accommodation in a single, double or triple room, Chapin or American breakfast and taxes.

Children over 12 years, full rate.


Colonial-Style rooms located in the ancient coffee plantation

Seven rooms, single, double or triple, colonial style in what is the former coffee farm "Montes Eliseos".

In the afternoon you can sit and admire the return of hundreds of tropical birds that fly quickly to their nests and at the end of the day you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

Paseo del Cafe Rates

Simple accomodation Q 350 /$44.00
Doble Accommodation Q 600 /$75.00
Triple Accommodation Q 875 /$109.00
Quadruple Accommodation Q 1,150 /$144.00

Includes accommodation in a single, double or triple room, Chapin or American breakfast and taxes.

Children over 12 years, full rate.

Traditional Guatemalan Cuisine

Restaurant Takalik Maya Lodge


The typical gastronomy of Guatemala is expressed in each dish delicately cooked and served for your good palate.

Enjoy the pleasure of tasting flavors combined to please your international taste. Only in Takalik Maya Lodge Restaurant


Agrotourism - Ecotourism - Birdwatching

Experiences and Memories you will not forget

When staying at Takalik Maya Lodge you can enjoy tours of the area, guided by experts in support of communities in the Asintal Retalhuleu area. Birdwatching, Agrotourisms (Tour of coffee plantations, rubber, macadamia and cocoa), Mountain tours (Tour inside the Natural Reserve of Humid Tropical Forest), Horseback riding to the Humid Tropical Forest, La Posa (Birth of cold water, natural source and crystalline, located at the foot of the Mountain).

Takalik Maya Lodge
A magical place

Takalik Maya Lodge is an eco-lodge, with the verification of compliance with global criteria for sustainable tourism, it has been appointed by the Rainforest Alliance, an international conservation organization, as one of the TOP TEN SUSTAINABLE ROMANTIC DESTINATIONS in Latin America.

“A natural environment where times, cultures, styles, forms and flora are found...”

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