About us


This ecological destination has the verification of compliance with global criteria for sustainable tourism. Named by Rainforest Alliance, international organization of conservation, as ONE OF THE 10 BEST ROMANTIC SUSTAINABLE DESTINATIONS OF LATIN AMERICA.

The old Coffee Farm “Montes Eliseos” has been renovating in order to the visitor feels the same sensations of the farmers of the 19th century. Providing an unforgettable experience to our guests.

It’s a magical place where past, present and future meet in a same spot.

Our main objectives are: Conservation of natural and cultural resources, comprehensive development of San Antonio community, cantón Barrios. The people of this community offer us their services and benefit themselves from this sustainable tourism activity.

We are located on km 212, Finca Montes Eliseos, Carretera to Colomba, El Asintal township, Retalhuleu (Terraza 9 del Parque Nacional Arqueológico Tak’alik Ab’aj)

our history

Takalik Maya Lodge

Since 2003, travelers were received in that beautiful coffee farm from the mid-19th century, which was dedicated to the production and export of the best coffee on the south coast. But the collapse of the coffee market was the main reason why new ways of generating income for the community San Antonio Cantón Barrios were sought, action that was taken in order to avoid migration of its population.

Thus, in 2005 TAKALIK MAYA LODGE emerged as a unique tourist destination that is home of thousands of travelers.

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